Social Media Management and Marketing

We work to interact with potential customers in creative ways and to drive more traffic to your franchise to generate results.

What is Social Media Management and Marketing?

Social media platforms put a voice to the franchise and are a great way to find your target audience to get them engaged. A presence on social media helps build customer loyalty, sometimes by just being there to say hello.

There are multiple platforms that allow your franchise to interact with customers; Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok. Whichever channel(s) you choose to reach out through, it can help form a connection and increase your client base and sales.

Being able to interact with your customers on social media allows the chance to know what is being said about your franchise, whether good reviews or customer complaints. Testimonials can be used to drive more customers towards your franchise. Acknowledging complaints can improve customer service and show how much the franchise truly cares about its customers.

Do you need help with…


Balancing your franchise responsibilities and keeping up with social media?


Deciding which social media platform is right for your franchise?


Creating high-quality content to attract customers?


Evaluating progress by using the channel metrics studio?

How do we do Social Media Management and Marketing differently?

Here at Franchise Marketing Ireland, we thrive working with social media. We are skilled at keeping up with the latest trends and what will make your franchise stand out. We are focused on ensuring that your franchise is always on the audience’s minds.

It takes more than having a few social media accounts. Each account needs to be constantly updated to keep a strong online presence and that becomes a lot of work. It can be difficult to manage one or more social media platforms and grow a franchise at the same time.

We craft strategies that are most effective in accomplishing your franchise’s goals and represent the image you want. We take a look back at previous social media marketing and research what competitors are up to. We form better content that stands out and engages customers.

Social media is a major tool today in the business world. If a franchise does not keep its audience updated about important information, then it can lead to misunderstandings and a lack of trust. Outsourcing to us will give you the opportunity to focus on your franchise.

Here at Franchise Marketing Ireland we interact with potential customers. Updating news about your franchise’s products and services, audience polls, designing competitions for the audience to participate in, etc. All techniques involve engagement, leading to memorable experiences.

Benefits of Social Media Management and Marketing


Allows a franchise to use its voice and interact with target customers. Gives an opportunity for the audience to see a personal side of the franchise. Interacting on multiple social media platforms forms a connection and builds customer loyalty.


Having a presence on social media platforms is a great tactic to promote products and services. Platforms can reach a wide range of audiences and can help increase sales. When customers feel connected to a brand, they tend to boast about it online.


Gives a chance to hear what the customers think about the franchise. Reviewing feedback about a product or service can open a door for improvements. Franchises can know what their customers like and dislike and then go from there.

The Social Media Management and Marketing tasks we perform for you

Tell us what you want your franchise to benefit from social media and we’ll work to achieve all your goals. We here at Franchise Marketing Ireland work with numerous social media platforms everyday!


  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • TikTok
  • Twitter
  • Google+
  • YouTube
When managing accounts, we have several techniques to make sure franchises stand out…

Creating graphics and content that attract potential customers

Promote products and services

Constantly updating website information or scripting blogs

Online competitions, interacting with audiences

Evaluating customer engagement and brand reach

Consistency is key in social media management, so that’s why we monitor all accounts to ensure no platforms contradict each other. Being consistent gains trust and that is the first step in turning an audience member into a customer.

We take time each month to review what strategies are working best for your franchise and determine what the next best move is. Craft content calendars based on that. We ensure that audience and customer interaction stays strong and that your franchise stays on their minds.

This is about your franchise. What do you want the franchise’s image to be? How many social media platforms would you like to be on? We value our clients’ wants and needs, so tell us what you want the franchise’s social media presence to represent and we will focus on that.

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