Online Advertising

We will create cost effective ads with unique graphics that attract your target consumers

What is Online Advertising?

Online advertising involves both Google Search Engine and multiple social media platforms, like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and TikTok.

Designing or buying ads for social media or Google lead to forming a marketing campaign. The marketing campaigns will then pop up on the sites that your target audience is most likely to spot them. To be successful in online advertising, it is necessary to understand how your customers think. That way you can easily find them online and advertise your franchise on those sites. Knowing which areas your consumers spend most of their time will help your franchise save money on advertising.

Do you need help with…


Finding your target audience?


Ad budget control?


Content that attracts your consumers?


Tracking ads and staying consistent on all platforms?

How does Franchise Marketing Ireland do Online Advertising differently?

Our ad experts understand how to create successful advertisements online. Whether it is generating Google Ads or crafting unique campaigns on social media platforms. 

Advertising online has become a popular trend over the years. Countless brands use this technique to spread awareness and track target customers. We want to help your brand stand out from the competition. Let us find the ad type that fits perfectly with your franchise. Then we will search for the right platform and craft the content that will attract your target audience.

Benefits of Online Advertising


Social media is a big part of society today and online advertising allows franchises to reach a wide audience of social media users.


Spread brand awareness by building a strong presence across multiple digital platforms.


Gives a direct link to your target customers no matter the platform.


Pay-per click allows franchises to only pay when someone actually clicks on the ad.

The Online Advertising tasks we perform for you

Here at Franchise Marketing Ireland, we will sit down with you and form the strategy that aligns with your franchise’s goals. We research your prospects’ interests in order to find the right sites to show ads. 

Our team will create campaigns that are cost effective for your franchise. Instead of showing ads on every platform, we will start the advertising campaign slowly. We will begin by showing ads on sites where your consumers are most likely to be. Regular evaluations will tell us which areas are working and which ones are not. We can then make the necessary adjustments to the campaign. This will help avoid your franchise spending money on advertising on sites that do not create results.

Tell us if there are any other marketing campaigns you would like your franchise to run and we will build a specialised advertising campaign strategy that will work alongside. This will drive more attention to your franchise’s website and position your brand right where your prospects won’t miss it.

We will be with you every step of the way. Our team will help guide you through the entire process. We will be sure to aid you throughout each of your franchise’s ad campaigns and monitor progress. This means that we are able to maximise the ROI by increasing leads, draw new prospects to your website, or spread brand awareness.

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