Marketing Deep Dives

The best brand leaders can tell strategic stories through analytics. It’s important to conduct a deep-dive business review at least once a year on your brand.

What are Marketing Deep Dives?

Marketing Deep Dives dig into five specific areas: marketplace, consumers, channels, competitors, and the brand itself. Then, use analytics to draw out conclusions to help set up your brand’s key issues.

A Marketing Deep Dive should answer the following questions:

  1. What is driving growth?
  2. What is inhibiting growth?
  3. Where are opportunities for growth?
  4. What are the threats to future growth?

Do you need help with…


Tracking your website’s traffic?


Knowing what content has been well received by your audience?


Understanding which digital media channels are sending traffic that stays on your site for longer and completes goals?

How does Franchise Marketing Ireland do Marketing Deep Dives differently?

At Franchise Marketing Ireland, we understand the importance of setting quantifiable goals prior to setting up a marketing campaign. Using KPIs we can help you understand how your strategy is performing. From looking at conversion rates and page views, to average time on page and cost-per-click, we can help you understand it all. 

At the end of the day, data is what makes your business successful.

The data we provide you will help us make educated decisions, glean insights about the target audience, and prove value to your business as a whole.

Benefits of Marketing Deep Dives


Make educated decisions based on data


Glean insights about the target audience


Better understand your customers and what drives them to buy

The Marketing Deep Dives tasks that we perform for you

At Franchise Marketing Ireland, we’ll use data analytics to determine what’s working and what’s not. We can determine what content is being well received by your target audience based on page views, average time on page, and more. We will also use search engine optimisation to determine what visitors want to find when they come to your website. Our monthly reports will not only show the ROI on every penny you spend, but also help guide future decisions.

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