Market Research

We will collect information that will help you to understand what your customers are thinking.

What is Market Research?

Market research involves collecting information regarding your franchise’s target market and prospective customers. This information can be used to analyse how an existing product or service is doing, or how a new product or service might do in the market. Market research is also a great opportunity to see what position your franchise has in the market.

If your franchise has questions about how your industry is currently doing, then market research is the way to go. Market research can help keep up to speed with what is trending and current consumer habits. This is a great way to keep an eye on competitors and see what they have to offer to consumers.

At Franchise Marketing Ireland, we will find out where your target audience is and help you meet their needs.

Do you need help with…


Understanding your franchise’s position in the marketplace?


Keeping up with the latest trends in the industry?


Differentiating yourself from the competition?


Analysing data that is relevant to your industry?

How does Franchise Marketing Ireland do Market Research differently?

Our team will research different parts of the market in order to learn the most information about your target customers. We will discover any pain points, current issues your customers have, and the solutions they want.

All of this information will enable us to understand the minds of your target market. Knowing what works for your customers and what does not is how your franchise can adjust its products or services in order to make them more attractive to the market.

We will discover the current trends your consumers are following, purchasing influences, and how consumers react to pricing for similar products or services. Knowing your audience’s feelings towards current or past topics, products or services, or brands will give us insight into where and how your franchise should advertise.

Benefits of Market Research


Competitive advantage by understanding new market trends and how competitors are reacting to them.


Gain insight into your franchise’s industry in a way that is cost effective.


Analyse data to improve franchise strategies.


Easily accessible information that helps to understand your industry and what position your franchise is in.

The Market Research tasks we perform for you

Here at Franchise Marketing Ireland, we will strive to grasp the minds of your target audience. Our techniques will help your franchise to focus on the needs and wants of your consumers. Our researching tactics will exclude biased thoughts. To do this we will need to research a larger group of people. When we learn the true thoughts of your target customers, we will then be able to guide you to make decisions that are best fit for your franchise.

Before we can begin to understand how your consumers make buying-decisions or what influences them to purchase, we need to find out who your target audience is. We will work with you to determine your franchise’s business goals and its ideal customers. This will lead our team in the right direction when choosing a group to conduct market research with. We will need real people to help us identify your target customers’ habits.

Focus groups are a constructive tactic to figuring out the audience’s real thoughts and feelings. This type of market research method will allow our team to expose attitudes and behaviour that will lead to a better understanding of how others view your franchise and its products or services.

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