Content Creation

We create content that is unique to your franchise. Creating content is not short-term, but a long-term commitment that we are ready for.

What is Content Creation?

There are a lot of parts to digital marketing and content creation is a major one. It is cost-effective and comes in many different forms. The idea is that the content will attract your franchise’s audience and inform them about your product or service. 

Some confuse content creation with a basic one-time sales pitch, but in reality, it goes beyond that. Creating content for a franchise is not a one-time thing or something that is done every once in a while, but is a long-term commitment. Content creation builds awareness and boosts the number of people that are loyal to your franchise.

Here at Franchise Marketing Ireland, we take content, like customer success stories and testimonials from previous customers, to persuade people to engage with your franchise. An audience is more likely to trust a franchise if it provides content like personal blogs and relevant videos. Gaining an audience’s trust is a key step in turning them into customers. 

Do you need help with…


Consistency with content across all platforms?


Knowing what type of content is right for your audience?


Crafting a content-publishing schedule?


Maintaining content that stands out from competitors?


Measuring content ROI?

How does Franchise Marketing Ireland do Content Creation differently?

We take the first step to create a content strategy by using goals that are based on what your franchise wants to benefit from the content. Understanding what your franchise is hoping to achieve will move the process along more smoothly. Several franchises do create content without forming a strategy, but numerous end up failing. High-quality content that is nurtured provides the opportunity of a successful long-term marketing strategy. 

All different types of content are constantly being consumed from multiple platforms. A franchise’s content needs to standout from the rest. To do this, we must identify your target customers before creating content. This is to ensure that the content will be unique and attract the audience.

We understand the importance of making sure your content is consistent and matches your unique customers. Whether it is weekly Facebook posts, Instagram stories, updating website content, contests, or even constructing a TikTok video. We will make your content stand out.

Benefits of Content Creation


Engages target audience and forms a connection across multiple channels.


Creates consistency and credibility for your franchise.



Cost-effective and can reach a large portion of prospecting customers.


High-quality content improves Google rankings.

The Content Creation tasks we perform for you

Numerous pieces of content are published each day by different sources, so it is important that your content stands out. The content needs to be cared about and be something that will incentivise your audience. Here at Franchise Marketing Ireland, we strategise to create content that is right for your franchise.

We research ideas that are currently popular with the media and public, but are exclusive to your franchise. Then create content that enhances credibility and engages your audience. We understand how to use content that represents what your franchise stands for. 

Google is a smart and powerful tool, and will flag certain content as suspicious if it does not meet SEO qualifications. Our experts will ensure that all qualifications are met in order to receive a high search engine ranking. We work to make sure that your audience does not have difficulties finding you, so your franchise receives the attention it deserves. 

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