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bluebird care franchise marketing agency ireland

Bluebird Care is one of the market leaders for home care and assistance in Ireland. They currently run 22 franchises, operating in every county in Ireland.

We have had the privilege of working alongside them as their marketing partner for the past two years. You can check out who they are and see all of the amazing work that they do here on their website.


The problems Bluebird Care needed to solve.


Bluebird Care had recently expanded their operation into the Irish market and they reached out to Franchise Marketing Ireland for their marketing support. Following their move into Ireland, a small number of cracks started to appear associated with their marketing that required some attention and work to address.

Some of the issues Bluebird Care faced with their Marketing in Ireland included;

  • There was nobody to bridge the communication gap between the franchisor (Bluebird Care) and the individual franchisees across Ireland.
  • There was a lack of Bluebird Care brand consistency across all of the individual franchises online.
  • While almost as a direct opposite of the above point, there was also a lack of localised content to help promote each individual franchisee to their local population.
  • There was no real plan, direction or structure in place to help and support each individual Bluebird Care franchise with their marketing. This included online and offline – website, social media, online recruitment, radio, TV, and more. The owners of each franchise were running the digital marketing aspect of their local franchise, in addition to all of the other aspects of running a business. More often than not, they had little to no marketing experience.
  • While finally, Bluebird Care needed guidance in their communications in order to fit in with Irish culture, etc.

So we sat down with Bluebird Care and opened the conversation as to how Franchise Marketing Ireland could potentially help them address some of the issues and pain points mentioned above.


Increase in paid reach.


More Instagram Reach.


Increase in brand awareness.

Having spoken to Bluebird Care, it became clear that action was needed immediately. They had already been in the market and had established their physical presence on the ground and their online marketing needed to reflect this.

Our pressing concerns for Bluebird Care at this point were;

  1. The business risked looking like a disjointed group of 22 franchises, each with their own different online content, tone of voice, theme, recruitment drives, etc.
  2. For an industry as vital and sensitive as home care and assistance, coming across in any way as unprofessional could be detrimental to Bluebird Care establishing a stronger presence in the Irish market.
  3. The existing employees and franchise owners of Bluebird Care risked becoming disgruntled and in some ways lost, when being told to begin implementing a digital marketing strategy for their individual franchise.


So we officially partnered up with Bluebird Care and got to work developing a cohesive marketing strategy that could be rolled out both at national and local levels.


What Did We Do?

In order to address all of the pain points and concerns mentioned above, we took the following steps to develop Bluebird Care’s digital marketing strategy;


1. Marketing Deep Dive.

We went and visited each one of the 22 Bluebird Care franchises across the country. 

Why? To sit down with the franchise owners and employees and have an open conversation about the working relationship going forward. The key topics covered in each meeting were;

  • Their major concerns and pain points related to marketing their local franchise.
  • Who Franchise Marketing Ireland are and how we were going to help moving forward.
  • A very clear marketing plan that Bluebird Care and Franchise Marketing Ireland will be following on a month to month basis.
  • Identify individual roles and responsibilities, in relation to who should be contacted for specific marketing-related questions or queries.


2. Individual Franchise Training.

We put together the marketing plan in the form of a “how to” presentation and a series of online video tutorials. These were sent to each individual franchise to help them to get used to the new software and daily workings of the new marketing plan.

This helped increase Bluebird Care employee confidence in their role and also helped them upskill at work.


3. Content Creation & Planning.

We created a monthly content calendar for all franchises to follow, with the overall goal of increasing brand awareness and visibility, increasing online engagement and growing online following across all platforms.

We created a level of consistency so the look, feel and tone of voice of Bluebird Care was the same across the country.

We also ensured that all content is relevant and relatable to the Irish market. Communications from Bluebird Care, both at a local and national level, had to make sense to the people receiving them.

4. Campaign Planning.

Bluebird Care was already running some brilliant campaigns in an offline setting. It was our job to make sure that these campaigns were integrated into an online setting – for example, Bluebird Care’s annual Alzheimer’s memory walk was brought online to increase awareness and participation for a very worthwhile cause.

It was also vital to ensure that each individual franchise was receiving these communications and implementing the campaigns at a local level with a ‘how to guide’ we created for them.

5.Social Media & Website Management.

The last part of the digital marketing strategy was to make sure all of Bluebird Care’s social media channels and website were constantly being monitored and updated.

We took control of the centralised social media accounts for Ireland for Bluebird Care. This then allowed us to reply to broad and general enquiries, as well as redirecting people to the relevant franchises.

We began running paid ads with the overall goal of increasing the brand’s reach and awareness, increasing engagement with people online and helping Bluebird Care with recruitment drives in the form of job ads.

While on the website side of things, we were there to assist the individual franchises with;

  • Carrying out website updates (copy, imagery, video, design).
  • Training on how to use the back end of the website.
  • Providing them with the content they need.
  • Optimising all content for SEO.

This five-part digital marketing strategy was rolled out and the working relationship between Bluebird Care and Franchise Marketing Ireland was up and running.


bluebird care franchise marketing agency ireland
bluebird care franchise marketing agency ireland

The all important… results! 

Now that we’ve had time to reflect on our work with Bluebird Care, we are delighted with progress and the results we have achieved.

Just some of the results we have seen includes;


  • From our coordinated ads campaigns we have increased overall reach and brand awareness by 168%.
  • While over on social media, we have seen an increase of 231% in reach on Instagram. All the while increasing visibility and brand awareness of Bluebird Care.
  • Overall brand awareness online grew by 69%
  • Continued franchise growth.
  • Multiple successful recruitment campaigns.
  • Multiple awards won across their industry.


Increase in paid reach.


More Instagram Reach.


Increase in brand awareness.

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